Today is the day that you turn your crowded, cluttered linen closet into your dream linen closet! We’re on Day 10 of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge; you’re basically a pro. Let’s apply all that you’ve learned to sort out your linen closet once and for all.


Can you see it in your mind’s eye? Think about where you would like each item to go, how you would like everything to be folded (or rolled) and divided. Now that you see it, let’s make it happen.

First, let’s empty it all out. You know the drill! Are you still using all of this bedding? Is any of it looking worse for wear? Are those towels feeling a little rough? (Pro tip: you can revive hard towels with some white vinegar to make them soft again!) While most charity shops won’t accept used towels or bedding, you can donate them to animal shelters.


Now that you’ve eliminated what you no longer want nor use, have a good look at what’s left. Do you only use some of these items seasonally? Is there a better place for those items? Should guest towels go in the main linen closet or would they be better stored in the guest bathroom, for example?

Would your throw blanket be better stored in an Umbra Woodrow Storage Stool by your couch than in the linen closet?

The trick to achieving your dream linen closet is to give every item its own space. Make sure that you have ample room to put items in and take them out without bumping or crumpling other items. One tried-and-true method of keeping an organised linen closet is to fold matching bed linen into the pillowcase for storage. When you’re next ready to make the bed, voila, just lift out the pillowcase and everything you need is right there!

Congratulations! You’ve filled up your tenth bag of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge!

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