If you have been wondering how to declutter your fridge and pantry, you’ve come to the right place. This is Day 12 of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge. Today, we’re focusing on emptying your fridge and pantry of any food you don’t actually want or need.


Before we get started, let’s take a moment to remember the people in need. If you are fortunate enough to have more food than you need, please consider donating. Of course, donated food items should be well within their expiry dates and should be in good condition. Who knows why you have seven tins of tuna? But if you aren’t going to eat them, please give them to someone who will.

As you declutter your fridge and pantry, pay attention to expiry dates. If the date has passed, throw it away. If it smells off, throw it away. And, yes, if you can’t remember when you originally cooked those leftovers, throw them away. We know that meatloaf was tasty, but the potential food poisoning is not worth it!

Decluttering the fridge and pantry should be pretty quick and it really helps if you do a quick purge every week, either right before you go grocery shopping or on the night that your trash goes out. If those times line up, even better!


Our Vice President and Founder of MVMT with Tamara Donnelle, Tamara Richardson, suggests creating a triage box to store your food items that you need to eat first. Place this box at eye level in your fridge so that you will remember to eat those foods before eating other items. “Save your food from becoming next week’s trash,” Tamara says.


Group snacks together so that you (or hungry children in your household) know exactly where to find them. Tamara recommends making these choices as healthy as possible. If your children are allowed to help themselves to snack, keep the snack zone within their reach to allow them independence while avoiding accidents.


Plastic containers might seem convenient, but we prefer glass containers or mason jars. Plastics can be endocrine disruptors, so avoid using them for food storage whenever possible. Glass, on the other hand, will keep your food fresher for longer and is microwave safe. Of course, if young children will handle the containers, please choose something less fragile than glass. Stainless steel food storage containers are easy to clean, do not leach, are durable, and can be recycled. Bees Wrap makes food storage easier than ever; wrap small items or use the wrap to seal dishes.

Congratulations! You’ve filled up your twelfth bag of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge!

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