Since you’ve got those old DVDs out of the way, let’s declutter your electronics next! We’re talking about anything that plugs in, charges, or runs on battery power, as well as their peripherals. Let’s dive into Day 9 of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge!


First things first, automatically discard any electronics that are outdated. (Stealth VCR, we’re looking at you!) If you can no longer buy parts to make the thing work, it’s time to go.

Next, discard any items that do not work. It often costs more to repair than to replace electronics, which are updated so quickly that it just makes sense to buy new.

Finally, discard any items that you simply don’t use. That camera from 10 years ago that has been replaced by your smartphone? Bye. That desktop computer that you haven’t used since you got a laptop last year? Adios. The preschool tablet that your kid outgrew 3 years ago? Bon voyage!

Don’t stop at the electronics. All the supporting cables and chargers have also got to go!


Look at all the electronics and peripherals that are left. Obviously, electronics that you use daily should be where you’re most likely to use them. Of course, then you need to figure out how to hide unsightly cords and cables so they don’t clutter up your area. There are tons of solutions, ranging from clips to charging drawers, to keep cords out of sight.

What about cords that aren’t currently in use, but are still useful? Divide a box into “cubbies” with cardboard and give each cord its individual space. Label each section to avoid confusion.


After you declutter your electronics, if you can donate electronics that are still in great condition, that’s ideal. But what do you do about those items that really need to be thrown away? Electronics can’t go in the regular trash; they need to be disposed of in the electronic waste drop-off facility.

Before donating or giving away a computer or other electronic with personal data stored on it, make sure to wipe it clean. You don’t want sensitive information to end up in the wrong hands.

Congratulations! You’ve filled up your ninth bag of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge!

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