If you’re wondering how to declutter your accessories, you’re not alone! Accessories add dimension and intrigue to our outfits, which means that we tend to accumulate more than we need. For Day 4 of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge, let’s change that.

Now, when we talk about accessories, we mean belts, scarves, hats, jewellery and purses. (Don’t worry, we’ll talk about shoes in our next post!) If you aren’t currently storing these items in your closet, that’s fine. It’s a mere technicality; you can declutter your accessories wherever you keep them.


It’s Day 4 and you’re probably starting to get the drill now. Yes, indeed, it is time to gather all of your accessories and put them where you can see them all at once. Immediately, you will notice that you’d actually forgotten about some of these accessories! Take whatever you haven’t worn in the past year and put it in a pile. Once you’ve done this, examine each item in the pile to see if it is in good condition. Depending on the value of the items in good condition, you might choose to sell them or donate them to charity. Obviously, the items that are in bad condition go straight into the trash.

After that step, look at the items that you have worn within the past year. Are they all in good condition? Are they still in fashion? It might be time to add some of these to the donate pile and update your accessories collection.


Now that you are left with your best, most favourite accessories, it’s time to give them all their dedicated space. We love these jewellery display options from Umbra, which are available in-store:


Tamara Richardson, Vice President of People’s and Founder of MVMT with Tamara Donnelle, offers this advice:

“My MVMT way is the Rule of One. If I have not used it in one year, it’s got to go!”

Another helpful tip is to check the expiration dates on your products. Even if they don’t have an actual date printed on them, most beauty products have a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol that indicates how long you should keep them once they’re opened. The PAO looks like an open jar with a number and an M on it. The number indicates how many months you can use a product once you have opened it. For example, your face cream might say 6M, which means that you should toss it 6 months after you’ve opened it. So, here’s a pro tip: use a permanent marker to write the date on any new product that you open. Your next bathroom cupboards purge will be so much easier with this critical information!


Now that the unwanted, unused, expired products are gone, it’s time to get organised. As you do this, think about how you will group your products into categories and which containers you’ll need to keep them organised. Also, think about how frequently you use each item:

  • Daily use: Keep them up front and easily accessible
  • Monthly use: Place these farther back and in the corners
  • Periodic use: Do you really, really need these? Yes? Okay, fine, find a space behind everything else.

Congratulations! You’ve filled up your second bag of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge!

For more of a DIY vibe, install a rod on your closet wall and use shower hooks for easily accessible storage. (In fact, shower hooks are incredible for storing accessories in a variety of ways!)

Conversely, if you know that you need some time before you properly pack away your accessories, create a drop zone in your closet. This will buy you some time. At the end of a long day, when you take off your belt, put it straight into your stylish basket of a drop zone and then put it in its designated space once you’ve had a chance to decompress.


After taking the time to declutter your accessories, you probably are not in a hurry to buy more! Use this opportunity to become reacquainted with the items you truly love. While you’re at it, see how you can wear them differently to give your wardrobe a boost.

Congratulations! You’ve filled up your fourth bag of the MVMT 14 Bags in 14 Days Decluttering Challenge!

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