Allow your mind, body and spirit the pleasure of vibrating higher with us. Unlock your potential with our Horoscope of Power: 12 Months of Living Your Best Life

Treat yourself like someone you love one choice, one meal and one day at a time with us. Remember whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.
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You are ready to be free from pain, take control of your own health, eliminate the boom and bust cycle of cravings, impulse eating, and guilt, and gather with a tribe of like-minded women offering a circle of support.

But you feel totally overwhelmed and keep putting it off because the hows, whys, and what-ifs have you paralyzed. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress in 2021.

How would you feel if you could…

  • Stop focusing on what not to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat?
  • Eat a plethora of foods and tune in to the actual effects on your body
  • Learn to trust yourself and your own instinct to determine what nourishes your body
  • Be guided by an experienced visionary in health and wellness, who has led multiple, successful 21 Day Resets for her tribe of like-minded participants
  • Have a Facebook group of accountability partners for the next 21 days who will support you and lift you up on the days that feel particularly challenging?
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Heal(thy) Self – 21 Day Reset: The Power of Food & Fasting

Your personal power plan for resetting the mind, body, and spirit


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Week 1// The Rules of Engagement

  1. Eliminate restricted foods from your eating diet
  2. Establish a craving proof eating plan, shopping lists and food prep time for next 21 days
  3. Enjoy the power you have over what you consume: physically, mentally, and emotionally
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Week 2// The Rules of Action

  1. Add in daily routine – 21 minutes in the morning and night to make a path to wellness
  2. Actively step outside into the sun and soak it in. Breathe deeply and inhale the fresh air
  3. Allow only what brings you joy or feeds your passions; eliminate anything that does not raise your vibration
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Week 3// The Rules of Three, Twelve, Twenty One

  1. Take time to establish three periods of commitment to self – morning, afternoon, evening routines that establish discipline and help maintain your focus
  2. Task yourself with unlocking our Power Formula – H12, one month, one week, and one day at a time nourishing your mind, body, and spirit with additional positive choices.
  3. Triumph over your cravings after twenty-one days of habit breaking, choices.



“I started a couple of days ago. Last year this group helped me eat clean/vegan for a full 6 months so let’s see what happens!! Grocery shopping in the morning.”

Genelle John
“Every time you hear the word ‘fast’ you immediately think of what you are being deprived of, what you are giving up, what you cannot have. When you start the fast it’s tough, but still do so you continue on. And it isn’t until the end that I realize the benefits of what I have gained.

Making a commitment each January to follow the Daniel Fast required me to be honest with myself. My reasons for doing fast change each year. Regardless, by promising myself to stay honest, every year I gain more discipline and mental strength to receive both the spiritual and physical benefits.

This has become one of the things I look forward to every new year.”

Kisha T
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My Vibe, My Tribe! My name is Tamara Donnelle Richardson

I am equal parts entrepreneur, leader, visionary, and truth-teller with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, born from a penchant for endlessly questioning the world before me.

I am the woman at the helm of the best pharmacy in Bermuda (at least that is what the people have voted for countless times in the past 19 years), responsible for directing a team of 50 + people across two locations managing a multimillion-dollar budget, and charting the course to modernize the way we deliver wellness in an environment designed to control symptoms not healing.

I am a risk-taker and my journey to heal(thy) self has been the most rewarding risk of all.

To hear me tell it, I am just a girl who turned her addiction to shopping into a passion for retail. If only my story was that simple.

My gift, my relentless drive that propels me to success in business, has at times felt like a curse, as my health paid the ultimate price. The popular book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” had no chapter on the unexpected events of my pregnancy and subsequent health challenges.

MVMT with Tamara Donnelle was born from a desire to gather a tribe of like-minded women, channel our divine feminine energy, and illuminate a path to wholeness, one story, one connection, and one vulnerable truth at a time. Together we can raise the vibration of our communities.

Individually we are the sum of our unique often limiting experiences; but together, when our vibe attracts our tribe, we become the sum of all sums, an infinite force of healing and paradigm-shifting.

My vibe, my tribe is about connection. Let me connect you with your tribe and illuminate a path to wellness one story, one post, and one higher vibration choice at a time.

Tamara Donnelle


Raise Your Vibe. Join The Tribe

MVMT with Tamara Donnelle


Text / Whatsapp

+1 441-505-1093



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